When you meet failure..

I had written the following poem a few years back (probably in 2011). I came across it while cleaning my bookshelf. I know its not really that great.. But still just to keep a record of it before it gets lost again, I present it here. (I will also try to dig out a few other poems that I wrote to kill time… or it would be more apt to say.. to kill readers)

$$ When you meet failure.. $$

Many laugh at you ‘coz your attempt failed,

 But you laugh at many ‘coz they never attempted.

Along with failure comes pain, suffering and sorrow,

But look… Its a disguised opportunity to ponder over new possibilities of tomorrow.

With failure you lose mental peace,

But, with failure you gain liberty from your anxieties.

With failure you lose money, status and feel that your life has come to an end.

But this very failure shows you your true friend.

Failure is the greatest teacher of all,

It lets you discover a bit more about yourself whenever you fall.

Who said failure ruins everything?

With a little creativity, you can turn failure into a new beginning.

So, next time, when you meet failure, don’t give up, don’t brood over past.

Just laugh, look forward, start afresh and discover the ocean of opportunities.. Deep, rich and vast.

 By sweetNsourTamrind

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8 thoughts on “When you meet failure..

  1. Today I stumbled upon this site accidentally and have been here for the past 2 hrs. You are so wonderful. I am glad I visited this site.


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