Stop being racist with our fellow Indians!!


After travelling across the length and breadth of our country I have realised that our people are the most racist people on the planet.

As a South Indian (my Mother is a South Indian), I have heard many infuriating rascist remarks. And I can’t help but wonder that even well educated people could be so disrespectful and racist.

A few of the most popular myths about Southies are as follows:

All South Indians are dark:- Wrong .. Not all southies are dark.. Fair N dusky complexions are also seen in south. Just to convince u… Look at most of the leading bollywood ladies like Aishwarya, Sridevi, Jayaprada, Deepika the list is long..

All southies wear lungi/ saree: – wrong… They too wear normal dresses like any other person from rest of the Indian states.

South Indians are reluctant to learn Hindi: – Somewhat true.. but it also depends on the necessity, exposure N opportunity to learn.

Southies are all madrasi: – Absolutely wrong..  I havent come across a map of India where the area below Vindhyas was labled as M.A.D.R.A.S. If that were true, even Gujrat and Maharashtra would become M.A.D.R.A.S

All southies eat only rice: – wrong… ragi muddi, bhakri, holgi have been a part of the diet much before rice and wheat were introduced.

This is not the only racist behaviour  I have seen. It is sad that our fellow Indians from north eastern states are treated like outsiders in our own country. It is really sad that we are still nurturing the seed of hatred sown by British Colonial Rulers and abusing our own people.

It is my humble request to all, not to make such rascist comments against our own people. They add a different colour to our fabric of diversity. They enrich our culture. They are also humans just like rest of us. They are also a part of our India.

Jai Hind!



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12 thoughts on “Stop being racist with our fellow Indians!!

  1. Other than Independence day n Republic day, I rarely get any chance to say Jai hind.. let me take this opportunity to say it aloud online.. I really love saying it.. It awakens the patriot in me. 🙂

    JAI HIND!!!


    1. Here are 2 more myth busters for you.

      All South Indian movies are over dramatised- No.. they also make sensitive and subtle movies like sindhu bhairavi, kaak muttai etc

      All South Indian Songs are either Classical or Item songs type – No.. they even make soul touching music like the one in Bombay or Varnam ayiram.

      P.S. I didn’t make a long list of myth busters because then I would have to change the blog title to “Myths about South Indians.” 🙂


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