Cribbing about demonetisation.. Why?

After reading the steady streams of whatsapp messages, some of which criticised the demonetising decision, I am tempted to ask this question. Let’s ask this question… Why would PM demonetise the 500 and 1000 rupees notes? Why would he do it? Would he do it just to get a kick out of doing it? Would he just do it to see how much power he has got over you by making each and every one of you stand in long queues? Would he do it because he himself hasn’t accumulated any wealth and doesn’t want us to do the same?

No people..  No.. That’s not what he intends to do. Wake up folks! For the first time we have a leader with a backbone, who isn’t bothered about power or political implication of such a huge decision and yet he is doing it. For the first time, we have a leader standing by our side and bring justice to us ‘the common people’. Stop giving in to the gimmicks of the politcal parties who are crying foul. These blood sucking parasites have no idea where to run when the rug beneath their feet has been pulled. They have no where to go.. no one to save them and hence they are raising all this hue and cry.

Stop complaining that the preparation could have been better.. the information/warning could have been given out in advance.. the banks could have been better equipped and blah blah… Are you kidding me with such complaints and questions? For the level of secrecy that was needed to strike these looteras and carry out this herculean task, it is ok to suffer this little inconvinience for all of us. Think about it.. Your patriotism is not in celebrating Independence and Republic day with a tricolour in your hand. It is not about screaming INDIA INDIA in an IndoPak match. It is not about posting a facebook post offering condolence to martyrs. It is not about updating a catchy patriotic status update. Your patriotism is being tested NOW. Now when you are facing a little inconvinience.. when you are facing a problem for setting straight the bigger problems.

Look at the big picture.. What could this decision do to our country? How would it uplift us from the shackles of poverty and burden of huge taxes? With the inflow of money, how would it affect the tax brackets that we would pay in future? Support this decision of our PM. Educate the misinformed and misguided people. Let the poor and needy people go to the bank first while you live on debit and credit cards. Please India, support this without taking it personally. Let us spread a positive word about it instead of just sensationalising it. Let’s not crib or make fun of it. For the first time we have a leader who has shown courage for our benefit. Let us support him and back this decision which would usher a positive change in our India.


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