Shiva Shlokam


| Aangikam bhuvanama yasya,|

|| Vaachikam sarva vaangamayam || 2||

| Aahaaryam chandra taaraadi |

|| Tam numah Saatvikam Shivam || 4||


Aangikam – body, bhuvanam – universe, yasya – who’s, vaachikam – voice, sarva – all, vaangmayam – literature, aahaaryam -jewellary adorned, chandra – moon, taaraadi – stars etc, tam – to you, numah -I bow / worship, satvikam – true/ virtuous, Shivam -Lord Shiva.

Meaning of the shlokam:

He is the one, who has this entire universe as his body. All the literature is his voice. He adorns the Moon, Sun and stars as his jewellery. To him, the true, virtuous and auspicious Shiva, I bow.

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Natraja Mahadev!!!

I was inspired to draw this Mahadev when thundering, dark rain clouds conquered the sky and quenched the thirst of parched earth. While drawing this sketch, I was also listening  Mahadev by Anoushka Shankar (and hence this title for my sketch 🙂  )



Folks, how is this post?

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