Shiva Shlokam


| Aangikam bhuvanama yasya,|

|| Vaachikam sarva vaangamayam || 2||

| Aahaaryam chandra taaraadi |

|| Tam numah Saatvikam Shivam || 4||


Aangikam – body, bhuvanam – universe, yasya – who’s, vaachikam – voice, sarva – all, vaangmayam – literature, aahaaryam -jewellary adorned, chandra – moon, taaraadi – stars etc, tam – to you, numah -I bow / worship, satvikam – true/ virtuous, Shivam -Lord Shiva.

Meaning of the shlokam:

He is the one, who has this entire universe as his body. All the literature is his voice. He adorns the Moon, Sun and stars as his jewellery. To him, the true, virtuous and auspicious Shiva, I bow.

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Function: Practice problem 1 – sum of interior angles of a convex polygon.

Problem: The sum of the interior angles of a plane convex polygon is a function of the number of its sides. Represent this function analytically. What values can the argument attain?


We know that the sum of the angles of a triangle is 180º.



To obtain the sum of the angles of a quadrilateral, observe that a quadrilateral can be decomposed into two triangles.


Therefore, the sum of the angles is 360º

A pentagon can be viewed as a polygon formed by joining 3 triangles.


Therefore, the sum of the angles is 3*180º = 540º

A hexagon can be viewed as a polygon formed by joining 4 triangles.


Therefore, the sum of the angles is 4 *180º = 720º

Do you observe the pattern?

Great!!! So, you noticed that the sum of the angles of a polygon depends on the minimum number of triangles that can be fitted in it. Absolutely simple, isn’t it?

But wait, before we jump to writing a function, lets think a bit more.


In how many triangles could we decompose the polygon? Does the number of triangles formed depend on the number of sides of the polygon? Yes!! You guessed it right. It does depend on the number of sides. Now lets see, what is the relation between number of sides of the polygon and the minimum number of triangles into which the polygon can be decomposed.

Observe, quadrilateral formed with 4 sides was decomposed into 2 triangles. Pentagon having 5 sides was decomposed into 3 triangles. Hexagon having 6 sides was decomposed into 4 triangles. Which means, every time, the number of triangles formed was 2 less than the total number of sides.

Thus the function for obtaining the sum of the angles is

S(n) = (n – 2)*180º

In the above function, n is the argument.  n can take all values except 1 and 2. ( Can you guess why? For clue, check out the figures obtained with  n = 1 or 2. Also, see what happens when you put 1 or 2 in S)


A glimpse into the Bharatanatyam performance at Chandramouleshwar Mahadev Mandir, Hadapsar.

It’s always a pleasure to perform for Lord Shiva, the Lord of Dance. My teacher, Mrs Rajashree Khare and her students, got this beautiful opportunity to perform a Bharatanatyam dance recital as an  offering to Chandramouleshwar Mahadeva. Here is a glimpse into the evening.


The evening began with Natesha Vandana.


Mrs Rajashree Khare, a senior disciple of Guru Swati Datar, beautifully interlaced the pure Nritta and Nritya aspects of Bharatanatyam in the half an hour of performance at Chandramouleshwar temple. The performances for the evening began with a  Ganesh Kautukam performed by Mrs. Rajashree Khare. It was an excellent amalgamation of fine padanyas (footwork), sculpturesque Karnas (Poses) and mesmerising Bhavas (expressions). This Ganesha Kautukam set the tone for the evening which saw four performances.




The next performance was Tishra Alarippu, a pure Nritta performance, performed by students of Mrs. Rajashree Khare. It was a  wonderful presentation in Naatai raag, which brought forth the subtle, crisp and agile moves, emulating the movements of a blooming lotus flower.



Energetic footwork and graceful postures marked the next performance, Natesha Kautukam in Raag – Hansadhwani, Taal – Adi. The calm Shiv Prarthana Shloka at the beginning of Natesha Kautukam set a peaceful tone. The effortless shift between Nritya and Nritta, along with wonderful formations appealed to the senses of the audience.


The next performance, Shiv Tandav Stotram composed by Lankadhipati Ravan, was savoured by the entire audience. The choreography took the audience from one frame to the other, depicting Lord Shiva and his beautiful form. This highly energetic and moving performance by Mrs. Rajashree Khare and her students brought the curtains down for the evening.










Mrs Rajashree Khare  believes in nurturing this traditional art and keeping it in pristine form for future generations. For her, teaching is a two-way process as she learns while she teaches. She feels, dance is an intense feeling of joy and happiness. These feelings find ample of space in her choreography, both nritya and nritta.

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Margashirsha Varalaxmi Vrata Puja




Cribbing about demonetisation.. Why?

After reading the steady streams of whatsapp messages, some of which criticised the demonetising decision, I am tempted to ask this question. Let’s ask this question… Why would PM demonetise the 500 and 1000 rupees notes? Why would he do it? Would he do it just to get a kick out of doing it? Would he just do it to see how much power he has got over you by making each and every one of you stand in long queues? Would he do it because he himself hasn’t accumulated any wealth and doesn’t want us to do the same?

No people..  No.. That’s not what he intends to do. Wake up folks! For the first time we have a leader with a backbone, who isn’t bothered about power or political implication of such a huge decision and yet he is doing it. For the first time, we have a leader standing by our side and bring justice to us ‘the common people’. Stop giving in to the gimmicks of the politcal parties who are crying foul. These blood sucking parasites have no idea where to run when the rug beneath their feet has been pulled. They have no where to go.. no one to save them and hence they are raising all this hue and cry.

Stop complaining that the preparation could have been better.. the information/warning could have been given out in advance.. the banks could have been better equipped and blah blah… Are you kidding me with such complaints and questions? For the level of secrecy that was needed to strike these looteras and carry out this herculean task, it is ok to suffer this little inconvinience for all of us. Think about it.. Your patriotism is not in celebrating Independence and Republic day with a tricolour in your hand. It is not about screaming INDIA INDIA in an IndoPak match. It is not about posting a facebook post offering condolence to martyrs. It is not about updating a catchy patriotic status update. Your patriotism is being tested NOW. Now when you are facing a little inconvinience.. when you are facing a problem for setting straight the bigger problems.

Look at the big picture.. What could this decision do to our country? How would it uplift us from the shackles of poverty and burden of huge taxes? With the inflow of money, how would it affect the tax brackets that we would pay in future? Support this decision of our PM. Educate the misinformed and misguided people. Let the poor and needy people go to the bank first while you live on debit and credit cards. Please India, support this without taking it personally. Let us spread a positive word about it instead of just sensationalising it. Let’s not crib or make fun of it. For the first time we have a leader who has shown courage for our benefit. Let us support him and back this decision which would usher a positive change in our India.


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Stop being racist with our fellow Indians!!


After travelling across the length and breadth of our country I have realised that our people are the most racist people on the planet.

As a South Indian (my Mother is a South Indian), I have heard many infuriating rascist remarks. And I can’t help but wonder that even well educated people could be so disrespectful and racist.

A few of the most popular myths about Southies are as follows:

All South Indians are dark:- Wrong .. Not all southies are dark.. Fair N dusky complexions are also seen in south. Just to convince u… Look at most of the leading bollywood ladies like Aishwarya, Sridevi, Jayaprada, Deepika the list is long..

All southies wear lungi/ saree: – wrong… They too wear normal dresses like any other person from rest of the Indian states.

South Indians are reluctant to learn Hindi: – Somewhat true.. but it also depends on the necessity, exposure N opportunity to learn.

Southies are all madrasi: – Absolutely wrong..  I havent come across a map of India where the area below Vindhyas was labled as M.A.D.R.A.S. If that were true, even Gujrat and Maharashtra would become M.A.D.R.A.S

All southies eat only rice: – wrong… ragi muddi, bhakri, holgi have been a part of the diet much before rice and wheat were introduced.

This is not the only racist behaviour  I have seen. It is sad that our fellow Indians from north eastern states are treated like outsiders in our own country. It is really sad that we are still nurturing the seed of hatred sown by British Colonial Rulers and abusing our own people.

It is my humble request to all, not to make such rascist comments against our own people. They add a different colour to our fabric of diversity. They enrich our culture. They are also humans just like rest of us. They are also a part of our India.

Jai Hind!



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Tulasi Vivah

Tulasi Vivah at BT Kawade Road.








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Fairy tale plot generator.

Friends, here is a fairy tale plot generator, which lets you make your own fairy tale. A small gift from me to the child in you on this Children’s day.

Enjoy making your own fairy tale. And do send me the end to your story.

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Baba Ramdev’s hairdo is bollywood’s latest trend.

Is it only me who is getting this impression that bollywood  is following Baba Ramdev’s hairdo?






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Lost in melee.

I wrote this piece when I was bored with my daily office routine.

Lost in melee.

With every update of status,

we assume the world to be with us.  

Alas! Thats a foolish illusion,

coz, even painful cries for help reach no one.

Keyboard strikes and mouse clicks are the only sounds that we hear.

Very rarely can we say, ” We had time with our near and dear”.

It has been a long time, since we heard the sea roar.

It has been ages, when we danced freely as the clouds pour. 

No wonder, many a times, we are out of tune.

We slog in a sordid place be it night or noon.

We forgot admiring nature, which is truly ours.

We are concerned about money, for all 24 hours.

We gave up ourselves for all the morbid pleasures.

No doubt, we frequently fail in identifying our true treasures.

I feel so lost in this ‘connected’ world’s melee,

I wish I could escape from this and rest on a beautiful lea.

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